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-Get your happy ending, Gokyun! :thumbsup:
-Ending it on senpai taking Goku to go spar at the place they first met on Earth is very sweet. :heart:
-All the destroyed universes do get wished back courtesy of 17 and the super dbs.
-All tournament participants reappear in their respective universes however.
-But Vegeta still knows Uni 6 is back and is happy about this.
-He's not happy about the brief instance of Goku and Freeza teamwork though; he's got very mixed emotions on that.
-Speaking of Freeza.
-Whis gives him his life back.
-And of course Freeza being Freeza he goes off to rebuild his empire.
-Because that won't end badly at all. :faint:
-Also remember that boat from the first arc?
-The on in which the princess catch took place?
-That boat's 17's now.
-Seeing video chat in DB (well, any current day tech) is something else.
-But yeah; everything pretty neatly wrapped up.
-Outside of the cliffhanger that is Freeza, everything wrapped up.

It's been a wild ride, you guys! Thanks for coming along! :D
DBS movie teaser!!:…

Goku bouncing in the snow is adorable. :happybounce:
No thoughts on the mystery antagonist yet.
So happy to have Shintani aboard Super!
Super #130
-Beautiful episode. Those visuals were phenomenal. :faint:
-Lots of really cool action stuff.
-Goku's prince cheering him on is still a treat.
-How livid Goku is after Jiren tries to ki-blast-kill the entire Uni 7 team in the stands; incredible Shida-drawn Goku in the aftermath of that.
-UI runs out near the end and the after-effects hit Goku really hard.
-Jiren almost rings him out, but Goku is rescued by an unlikely duo.

Next week!:
The end.
Gokû with nyoi-bo is the teaser image for the 2018 movie!! My hopes for this film are much higher now.

Final dbs upcoming episode writers list:
130 - Yamaguchi
131 - Tomioka


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July's layout! :meow:

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"Blooma sounds more fun to say than Bulma" - well technically, Blooma or Bloomers show the Bloomers name

Also if her name is indeed BULMA why was Goku laughing?

It is most likely Blooma or Bloomers

BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2017
"She had candy cigarettes in an early chapter cover..." - wait really? I thought it was reall cigarettes

I know DB is for kids, but showing a 16 year old woman with candy cigarettes is kinda weird


So i saw the magazine scar and...

Oh so it's most likely a candy cigarette becuase there's a "choco" bar in her corner? WE don't know for sure thought
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