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Super #92
-Well, I guess Vegeta's banned from the RoSaT now. ^^;
-That was one flashy, signature Vegeta entrance. :D
-Also Beerus is the one who brings up Freeza and immediately regrets it.
-We briefly see Robot-verse.
-Caulifla's so cool.
-Kale is not related to Caulifla, but Caulifla sees Kale as her adopted younger sister.
-Cabba continues to early Buu arc Gohan.
-Everyone's so upset at Gokû for lying about the prize money.
-So at some point Gokû told Vegeta that Chi-Chi is in charge of budget at Gokû's house, meaning if though he wants to pay the winner out of his own pocket, Gokû's not allowed.
-Bulma denies Gokû a loan too.
-Krillin threatens to quit the team; Beerus puts a stop to that.

Next week!:
Super #91
-Vegeta's back! *tears of joy*. I'm sorry I doubted him.
-Gokû takes note that senpai is missing and is told he went to train in the RoSaT.
-TFS Mr. Popo eyes closeup. :omg:
-We bounce around to a bunch of different universes checking in on them.
-I still feel sad about hopeful Yamcha knowing he won't get that invite.
-Whis cheers Gokû up by deciding the two of them are going to use Vegeta's gravity room while he's away. :la:
-Gokû's never gotten to use Vegeta's gravity room as far as I'm aware.
-The woman who battles Vegeta in the opening animation is the green haired girl from the preview; she's a walking precure parody trope.
-Her standing there in the corner with the explosion in the middle of the screen is parodied from Toei's Suite Precure I think.
-Hit and Frost are begrudgingly working together; Hit threaten-recruits him.
-And there goes Buu. Asleep. Again. *disappointment*.

Next week:
Gokû and Vegeta finally get to see each other again.
Super #90
-Beautiful storyboards! The backgrounds this week are incredibly cool!
-Both the Gokû and Tenshinhan vs Piccolo and Gohan AND the Gokû vs Gohan battles were well done!
-Also King Ryû wrote this week's. :D
-Poor Gowasu is so shaken on his ability to make decisions in the wake of Zamasu's actions.
-Cutting to Vegeta sensing the battle from the overhang and smiling as he follows along made me smile too. :meow:

Next week!:
Vegeta uses the RoSaT alone yet again?
Writers for Super 90-93
90: King Ryû
91: Toshio
92: Tomioka
93: Fukushima

#90 also has a Studio Bones animator on it; so it should look really nice.

Regarding 93; I have mixed feelings on them replacing Buu with Freeza.

Super #89
-You're not missing too much if you skip this episode. Not often I say that.
-The highlights for me were we finally get proof that Caulifla and not!Brolli (who is named Kale) are two different characters.
-Tenshinhan's not that interesting to me; Roshi's antics are old.
-I'm vaguely curious if Yurin's first attempt to get Ten to train her was back when he was still in the Crane School or not; maybe subs will clear up the timing.
-Disappointed there was no Launch in this episode.
-Gokû is in this episode, but not that much.
-Vegeta's only appearance is as a still frame alongside a bunch of the rest of Team 7's still frames at the very end of the episode.

Next week!:
-Gokû and Tenshinhan vs Gohan and Piccolo

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July's layout! :meow:

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