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Super #8
-Vegeta vs Beerus was short, but fun; liked how Beerus spun Vegeta at one point.
-Pilaf Gang leaving without even looking for the DB's made their appearance here feel pointless. Why involve them in this version if they aren't key to the plot the way they were in BOG? ^^;
-Oolong part kinda dragged.
-I dug the old-school way they slid Yamcha, Gohan, and Kuririn into frame to cheer him on though. X3 That was fun.
-Also Puar got some lines.
-Gokû's arrival music felt really out-of-place o_O (My favorite "Gokû's here" music is still the Kikuchi one from Movie 8)
-I really like how Gokû destroyed his own heroic entrance by silly-walking down the side of the near-vertical platform he was standing on when he could've just jumped down or teleported instead. :meow:
-Bulma getting upset at him when he off-handedly asks her which number birthday this is for her.
-Vegeta and Gokû finally meet and I'm all :la: but it's so short. ^^;
-ssjg next week! :heart:
-his boots are missing their adorable red ribbons though :(
-Ah well, the hair's still magenta and the form's still slim-n-cute.
-Definite advantages to having two versions of this arc means I can pick and choose, which is nice. :meow:
Super #7
-This is the Beerus and Whis reaction-face episode (Whis' gave me the biggest laughs though)
-Buu is tough, I give him that
-I like them having 18, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo team-up. I could see them hanging out together outside of this.
-Oh Gohan. You removed your glasses and everything 'n it still didn't work. ^^;
-So Goten's new gi from the opening is his gi here; no more sleeves I guess (I kinda liked the sleeves, but this is ok too)
-There was no Gokû this episode. :(
-There was no Pilaf Gang either. :?
-The build-up to Vegeta's "My BULMA!" was SO suspenseful. :omg: That was some intense pacing especially considering BOG spoils what's coming.
-No ssj3 Vegeta after all it seems. I wasn't invested in the prospect of getting or not getting ssj3 Vegeta anyway so no harm no foul here.
-Really good mood-lighting near the end there.
-Gokû's back next episode~, but it could be another teaser like a couple weeks ago and he may not actually reappear til the final scene of next week's ep; time will tell.
-Can't wait to see Vegeta battle it out (with good animation?) against Beerus next episode.
Super #6
-No bingo dance! :omg:
-BUT we do get some "Vegeta-sama's Cooking Hell"
-This is all so drastically different, but I like it; makes BOG feel like its own entity
-Kuririn, Beerus, and the tako-yaki
-amazing Vegeta reaction-faces
-kid!Vegeta has his bangs back in the flashback
-also kid!Vegeta refers to his dad as "Papa"; just like Trunks does to Vegeta. :aww:
-Goten and Trunks playing with waterguns
-Vegeta taking a running leap off the boat
-only to grab one of those giant octopi to make tako-yaki out of it
-both Buu and Beerus attacked Mr. Satan at the same time
-We end right after the Pudding Incident begins
-no drunk Gohan, no Trunks/Mai beginnings, no Videl getting shot and no secret-Pan reveal
-I'm REALLY curious to see where they're going with this.
Super #5
-Well this was the equivalent to Crystal's "I have nothing else to do anyway." episode, animation-wise. ^^; Which is unfortunate.
-Did at least get to keep my "Gokû desu" :heart: and done in the cute lil blue sweatsuit to boot! :aww:
-it doesn't quite stack up to the animation in BOG's version of the desu scene though, but at least it's there.
-And hey they went through all 3 ssj forms which they didn't have time for in BOG
-Vegeta relaxing on the deck chair was fun; also he really didn't bother changing his clothes before he left. XD
-Bulma's all "Come and join my party, Vegeta!" and Vegeta's all "No, I'm fine here, alone, on this deck chair." X3
-Soon after that Kaio contacts him to warn him about Beerus.
-One cool thing; Gokû actually managed to stand back up without the senzu. Impressive! :meow:

Next week! : Yamcha almost dooms them all by giving Beerus a friendly slap on the back. Will there be a Vegeta's Bingo Dance version 2? It's not in the preview, so who knows for now.
Super #4
-Art direction was really fun; those thick lines!
-Beerus is literally tied to Whis' back so he could free his hands up to eat XD
-18 loves the chance to win fantastic prizes
-Chaoutzu floating Marron's chair in the air
-The bingo prizes for 1st through 3rd are completely different this time!
-Also the DBalls are under heavy security that actually renders them undetectable to radars
-Of course all Trunks has to do to solve it is to unplug the thing.
-Mai's VA had some really believable crying in that small boat
-that shark's teeth!!
-Pilaf Gang's reactions to food
-Wow, Trunks and Goten are so nice and helpful in this series.
-does Vegeta have a secretary now? I wonder what that lady thinks of her job.
-Gokû is adorable playing detective on Kaio-sama
-Kaio-sama trying desperately to hide Gokû from Beerus. XD

Next week!: ssj3 Gokû vs Beerus, brand new animation too! They're not reusing what they did in BOG for this.

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Aw man, Chuquita, this may be a stupid question, but is there a way to watch the live feed of DBS? And if you could give me  link to where it would be that'd be awesome. I know we're not allowed to talk about that on other sites ^^;
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Ah so you're the fan of skinny cute SSJG Goku? Nice to meet you, i once where on daizex forum, but i got Vegettoex in the knee (banned)
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I am a fan of ssjg Gokû. :3
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I really like ur gallery its super exciting
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Thank you! I'm happy you like it! :3
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They really did do a good job on the trailer. Props to whoever edited the clips together. :D
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