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Super 69
-It really helps if you're familiar with Dr. Slump before watching this.
-This episode was cute, but the actual Dr. Slump manga's funnier.
-For those who don't know, the same rl editor of Toriyama's who inspired Dr. Mashirito (who's a ghost in this episode) also inspired Piccolo.
-Senbei Norimaki's semi-based off Toriyama himself.
-Gokû's Phoenix Wright cosplay lasted all of 2 minutes.
-His hair popped back into its natural state and his suit tore on him.
-Gokû was unhappy and bored being a bodyguard so he just waltzes off and leaves his torn jacket sleeves behind him. ^^; That was a short-lived part-time job.
-Vegeta battling Arale is a lot like Vegeta vs. Neko Majin from Toriyama's nmz.
-It took a while, but Gokû and Arale finally recognized each other.
-Beerus also makes a brief appearance.
-Arale calls Beerus "neko-chan"/"kitty". :giggle:
-This is definitely a "your mileage may vary" episode.

Next week:
-The baseball episode! In which Yamcha has to speed-teach how to play the game to the rest of the cast.
-Also either Vegeta at some point switches to Champa's team or that's King Sarada that Kabe told Vegeta about who he supposedly looks a lot like.
-I hope it's the latter. My dreams for King Sarada and female!universe6Gokû Queen Kakarrotto still live as of now.
Super 68
-Poor Kaio-sama. Since this was a filler episode it was likely from the onset that Gokû wasn't going to succeed in wishing him back. ^^;
-Bulma was cooly-strategic this week though.
-And we got to see inside a shopping mall.
-No Vegeta at all this episode.
-BUT he's in the next episode preview.
-Wearing a suit no less!
-A dark maroon suit.
-Part-time security-guard Gokû does not get a uniform OR a lanyard it seems.

Next week!:
Super 67
-Zamasu as a giant stormcloud full of Zamasu faces is funnier than I feel like they intended it to be.
-They couldn't have timed the stream cutting out better; right when Zeno's about to destroy everything. I can't be mad at that comedic timing.
-So Zeno's new "friend" is...himself from the Future Trunks' timeline. Didn't see that coming.
-I am happy to see Gokû making sure he grabs the chair next to Vegeta's end seat at the dinner table though.
-Everything else is too subtitle heavy.

Next week!:
The start of the filler oneshots that bridge each bigger arc.
Super 66
-Beautiful visuals this episode; so many incredible animators! :la:
-Gokû is incredibly excited to fuse with Vegeta-senpai.
-Vegeta himself is meanwhile horrified at the idea. He makes several reaction faces. X3
-Gowasu lets them know it won't be permanent; potaras being permanent when mortals use them has been retconned to having a time limit of one hour.
-So why create a retcon and not use Gogeta instead?
-Maybe because Gogeta originated in a movie vs Vegetto who originated in the manga? That's my theory anyway.
-Vegetto is amazing btw.
-This whole fight is amazing!!
-Zamasu is now only half-immortal due to having fused with not-immortal Gokû Black.
-Meaning he can't regenerate with the same speed or accuracy he could before; that's why he's "melting".
-Vegetto's ki sword--so good. X3
-Trunks uses ki to repair his own sword.
-And we wander into precure movie territory with "Ganbare!" *energy flows into the person they're cheering on*.
-Effectively giving Trunks a genki dama ki sword.
-Which he slices Zamasu directly in half with.

Next week:
Omni-king wraps things up.
Super Ep. Writers:
66 - Tomioka
67 - Tomioka
68 - Fukushima
69 - King Ryû

Of note: Morio Hatano is storyboarding and directing episode 66 - the animation will likely look very cool that week. :meow:

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July's layout! :meow:

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I don't know if a specific date was ever published anywhere, but since the Cell Games took place in May, if Chi-Chi became pregnant with Goten in that week leading up to the Cell games, his birthday's probably somewhere in February.
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