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Super #74
-Gokû in a turtle kigurumi in the next episode preview! :aww:
-Episode 74 though...
-Positive note - Videl continues to actually be Videl which is very refreshing and I wish King Ryû would write more scripts for Super.
-The also remembered that Videl knows how to fly.
-Gohan is not a good actor, but he is a good superhero.
-Is this the first fully naked person we've had in Super (unconscious Barry slung over Jaco's shoulder) I think so.
-The little alien monster that possesses Barry goes through multiple GT parody forms (first ssj4 style, then an evil dragon style).
-Movies make Gokû sleepy.

Next week: Gokû and Krillin go on an adventure!
Vegeta’s described as Gokû’s “eternal rival” in the universal tournament arc article. He isn’t being replaced or retired after all!
I was afraid they were retiring him from spending time with Gokû to be a full time stay at home parent the way the summaries for 75 - 77 read. Not the case.
Super #73
-absolutely gonna freestyle on the the mini-comics this week.
-This was a cute episode for what it was, but nothing really grabbed me.
-Pan's reactions to different scenes were fun.
-The bank robbers recognizing Gohan, but Gohan not recognizing them was good too.
-Videl was much more Videl this episode which I'm happy about.
-Bulma's in this episode, but not noticeably pregnant yet.
-Krillin also gets to help foil the bank robbery.
-I could swear the director of this movie is supposed to be a parody of an actual director.
-The monster-of-the-week is definitely borrowed from both the early script version of Beerus + sentai type monsters.
-Vegeta's not in this episode.
-Gokû appears for two seconds. To sneeze. ^^;
-Also new ending song/animation. Doesn't seem to mesh together when you know the lyrics (which imo fit the previous arc better than they would here since it's such a Zamasu song, but such is life).

Next week!:
-Conclusion of this mini-arc.
Potential sad/lonely Gokû episodes of Super warning.
Eps 75 - 77 is a Tomioka mini-arc of lonely Gokû trying to find a new sparring partner (75 is Gohan, 76 is Krillin, 77 is Whis) because Vegeta's ignoring him to be a responsible adult and take care of pregnant!Bulma (which does make sense).
I'm torn because it's impressive to see Vegeta being all family-oriented and stuff, but at the same time we've got possible sad, unrequited Gokû for 3 solid weeks. Lonely!Gokû episodes are difficult to watch.
Super #72
-Knowing the spoilers ahead of time really takes the wind out of this mini-filler-arc's sails. ^^;
-The battle itself was slightly-above average.
-Piccolo trying and failing to restart Gokû's heart was eerie to watch though.
-Vegeta-senpai at the end though being all 'You seemed like you have more fun fighting me.' was good. :meow:
-Also some nice reaction-faces.
-And a "Gokû wraps arm over Vegeta's shoulder and whispers to him."

Next week!: Great Saiyaman Movie Reboot

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July's layout! :meow:

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